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    • Jack Pierson

      Tomorrow’s Man. Lynn Valley 9

      Utilizing an unconventional design layout in which imagery has been dropped in with a complete disregard for page breaks and centerfolds, this compendium quickly establishes itself as something other than a straightforward photo book.

      Tomorrow’s Man, Lynn Valley 9, combines familiar imagery from Pierson’s vast repertoire—portraits, vintage ‘Physique’ magazines, celebrity promo shots, and oddball ephemera—alongside work from an eclectic range of contributors such as David Carrino, Florence Derive, Alex Jovanovich, Dan McCarthy, Ryan Sullivan, Evan Whale, and others. The unusual design and diverse imagery presents Pierson in way never seen before and shows off his skill as an inventive editor.

      Includes a short story by Veralyn Behenna entitled The Lobster.

      24,1 x 16,5 cm
      84 p.

      130 €

      Pictures we take for money

      Striking color photographs of celebrities, landscapes, still life, models and fashion. Among celebrities photographed: Joyce Carol Oates, Courtney Love, Brad Pitt, Alanis Morissette, K.D. Lang and Vincent Gallo. Courtney Love is on the front cover.

      New York
      24 x 19 cm

      Price on Request

      Jack Pierson

      Cinéma immobile, les images de Jack Pierson balayent une région sexuelle diffractée : palmiers et massifs de fleurs, coins de murs, coulours, enseignes lumineuses, visages de stars, lits défaits, solitudes, mémoire en fuite, moments d’ennui – les fragments d’une « histoire de la sexualité ».
      Catalogue du Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux.

      25 x 18 cm
      32 p.

      Price on Request

      Sing a song of sixpence
      17 x 11 cm
      32 p.

      Price on Request

      All of A Sudden

      Pierson’s languid images of summer retreat landscapes and interiors, friends, intimate acquaintances, holiday-city background, and set nostalgic recreations are sensually prepared in one long groove-by turns overwhelming bleached in color, coolly prepared in a non-obtrusive manner, or scorched into sheer emotion through lens manipulation.

      New York
      31 x 22,6 cm
      192 p.
      Relié, étui turquoise
      Cet exemplaire est signé et accompagné d'une photographie originale "Solitude" numérotée et signée 61/80.

      Price on Request