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In almost every picture 2

The continual and necessary recording of life’s travels is explicit here in the photographs taken by a Taxi Driver of his Taxi and his Passenger, who is always the same Person, as they make their way from place to place. The Passenger’s physical disability required him to drive her long distances in his Taxi and created the opportunity to combine business with sightseeing.
In Almost Every Picture, we see the Passenger and the Taxi in a new location, a place where they have traveled to, or through, or by, on their way. The images are holiday photos taken with a strict criterion : the Taxi and Passenger must always be there too. We see dramatic mountain landscapes, fields, sunsets, city squares, highway rest stops, all photographed with the Taxi and Passenger, as if to say : « I have been here. Because of this Passenger. And I I am here because of this car. This Taxi. You have to believe me. This is where we were. »