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Tomorrow’s Man 5
The fifth volume in Jack Pierson’s famed Tomorrow’s Man series associates archival material and works by contemporary artists in a collage-like design to produce an exploded vision of the current visual landscape, draped in vintage homoeroticism and glamour.
The fifth volume in Jack Pierson’s celebrated Tomorrow’s Man artist book series mixes imagery from all spectrums of the visual landscape into a single mediation on the world around us. Combining archival material together with contributions by emerging and established artists, Tomorrow’s Man 5 continues on where the earlier volumes left off.

Contributions by Dietmar Busse, David Carrino, Jeff Davis, Florence Derive, David Dupuis, Gareth McConnell, Jack Pierson, Samoa, Clement PJ Schneider, Janet Stein, Paula Stuttman, Richard Tinkler, Jordan Wolfson.

Tomorrow’s Man 5 comes in five different covers, randomly distributed.