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Tower Mosaic – Brinklow House – Princethorpe House

Tower Mosaic was an interactive art project that used two site specific buildings, the Brinklow-Pricethrope House, Warwick and the Brindley Estate, West London along with its residents as participants to create a mosaic in response to directions posed by the artist.

The artist Stephen Willats worked with six residents from each building to begin the project. He interviewed them about various domestic objects in their homes, how they felt about them, recorded their responses and created directions for the mosaic project for the tenants based off of these conversations.

A desk was set up in the lobby of each building to assist the tenants with participation in the project. Residents were invited to respond to visually to the artist?s directions by creating a drawing for the mosaic inside a tower book square. Ultimately, each drawing would became a part of one of the temporary mosaics that was put up in each respective building.

This book is a documentary of the the process of the Tower Mosaic project, but also reveals an interesting sociological aspect of the project as well.