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Von 12,37 bis 36,08 = 24,94 von 100 %

This book gives an overview of all the women who participated in the Steirischer Herbst festival from its beginnings in 1968 until 2007. On the basis of the ratio of female to male participants, the percentage of female participants was calculated for each year and, derived from that, the total average percentage over forty years. A percentage of 12.37 of women took part in steirischer herbst in 1968 and 2007 the total number of women was 24,94 per cent. A coloured page divides off the various years. All participants are listed in alphabetical order.

The project has further components. The book will be sold at cost price at the Reading Back and Forth exhibition at a bookshop designed by me. For the duration of the exhibition, women from feminist contexts will be running the bookshop, which will only be selling the book from 12,37 to 36,08 = 24,94 of 100 %. The women will be employed by steirischer herbst and will also receive the sale proceeds.