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The Catalogue is the answer. But what is the question ?
October 28 — October 28, 2017

The Catalogue is the answer. But what is the question ? 

Mark Pezinger Verlag will introduce a selection of books that can be considered as catlogues but that deal in a very experimental and radical way with the issue of documentation. 
Traditional catalogues are trying to document and recreate a past event/exhibition/performance. Instead, the publication we will bringto discussion, follow the aim to create a very new moment of experience for its readers and a very new work with and inside the book. 
The presentation will include publications such as Jonathan Monk: Exhibit Model One / Daniel Gustav Cramer: Rainbow / Florence Jung: Book / Random Institute: All the Lights We Cannot See / Allbert Allgaier: Festival for Nothing & Bregenz Biennale / Thomas Geiger: I looked on my head from above / Simnikiwe Buhlungu: Free Lettering Translationisms / Hana Miletiç: Your façades are peeling off like red onions 

Mark Pezinger Verlag (Astrid Seme & Thomas Geiger) is an artist-run publishing house and platform for artists‘ books. Since 2009 almost 80 publications ranging from one-offs to higher editions and from sound-works to normal books have been realised. A special section in the program are the so-called Adoptives, a selection of artists’ books that originaly have been self-published, but are difficult to be available. Mark Pezinger Verlag adopts at least some of these rare, forgotten or invisible works to bring them back into daylight.