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Dan Walsh

Blue Icons (Day edition)

Across thirty-two pages, Blue Icon (Day edition) explores a minimalist conceit shaped by two progressions of form. Each sheet has been trimmed down to a different size and is composed of small ‘halftone’ dots that shift across the color spectrum, from greenish to violet-y blue. Turning through the book these two variances are played against each other as the reader moves toward smaller pages and deeper hues (and then back out with the sequence in reverse). When laid open at the center stitching the book’s pages are nested in ascending order, radiating outward in a bright aura.

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New York
20,5 x 27 cm
32 p.

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The original idea for Almanac was to make a diary or « book of hours » that would reflect on my father’s life, and his passing. I chose a format concentrating on marking time: the 52-week calendar, the equinox and solstice, the punctuation of the beginning, middle, and end, etc. While the graphic and symmetrical imaging of sacrificial altars, movie screens, and deco lighting propose an odd symbolic orientation, the pairing of projected platonic shapes and Dore’s images of Dante’s journey, allow different ways to engage with the world. A mock-up stage is set for a tragic/comedy — a guide through the everyday and the visionary.

Dan Walsh
March 2, 2015

14 x 22,5 cm
150 p.
Dos carré collé
Cover : Paperback, color, glossy finish
Binding : glue bound
Interior : black-and-white
Edition limited to 250 copies

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