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Fiona Tan

10 Madnesses

Five Portraits of the Insane by the nineteenth century French artist Théodore Géricault are said to be all that remain of originally ten commissioned portraits of insane patients. Each painting depicts a particular mental condition, a so-called monomania including a kleptomaniac, a woman mad with envy, a child kidnapper. Almost nothing is known about these portraits, but they raise a multitude of questions. Who are these people? In what way are they insane? What and where are the five missing madnesses? Intrigued and inspired by an absence, Tan decides to go in search of them. Pairing personal impressions with formal analysis and archival research, the essay ventures far beyond the boundaries of art history.

Roma Publications
18.5 x 11.5
120 p.

20 €

Vox Populi – London

Vox Populi, London is the fifth book in a series that present us with a « snapshot » of a country or a community through the photographs from family albums collected by Fiona Tan.

17,5 x 12,5 cm
125 p.

Vox Populi – Switzerland

Fiona Tan explore les notions d’identité personnelle ou collective, d’histoire des gens et des lieux, en incluant régulièrement des images d’archives. Après la Norvège, Sydney, Tokyo et avant Londres, elle a consacré un des volets de son projet Vox Populi à la Suisse. Cette oeuvre, composée de 254 copies de photographies extraites de nombreux albums de photos privés, propose un portrait très personnel de la Suisse.

17,8 x 12,6 cm
128 p.
Edition de 1500 exemplaires.