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Francesc Ruiz

An artist’s book paying tribute to Angoulême and comics, to Joy Division and the Situationist International at the same time.
CLOSER  is a comic book that emphasizes a « Handheld Mirror » while strolling through Angoulême (France), known for the International Comic Strip Festival since 1974. Leafing through the pages, the reader discovers various sights, many of them remnants of past events in the renowned « City of Comics ». However, the reproduced surroundings appear deformed, as in a distorted mirror, a detournement of the place itself.
Each of the drawings is repeated on a double page, in this way becoming an « echo-comic » that duplicates the environment and the pages themselves. Enhanced by an accompanying voice that sings scattered fragments of songs from Joy Division’s cult album Closer (1980), the book is a visual echolalia of a walk through the city that gently deforms its environment and soundscape in parallel, thus an introspection on the language of comics.
CLOSER also pays tribute to the journal Internationale Situationniste, published in Paris between 1958 and 1969. This publication brings together the main situationist strategies—drift and détournement—the concept of the reflective cover paper that, like moving mercury, reflects and deforms the immediate surroundings, and finally it reproduces the format of the original magazine (24 x 16 cm).
Visually complex and rich with references, this (site-specific) guide leads the reader through an ephemeral maze of multiple narratives on the way from the old central station of Angoulême to its emblematic Vaisseau Moebius edifice—a mirror cladded postmodern « phantom » built on the ruins of a former abbey, which today houses part of La  Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de image.
16 x 24 
40 p.
softcover, staple-bound
Edited by Moritz Küng.
Text by Moritz Küng.
Graphic design: Ariadna Serrahima.
Limited edition of 250 numbered copies.

18 €

Ciudad del Transporte (Manual)

Le comic Ciudad del Transporte  prend la forme d’un manuel de conduite pour une auto-école. Au sein de la communauté dissidente qui compose cette cité des transports, les auto-écoles sont les points de contact, les premiers liens, avec tous ceux qui souhaitent faire partie de cette communauté.

24 x 17 cm
48 p. p.
Impression couleur, agrafé

10 €

Captures editions
dépliant A2

10 €


Publication parue dans le cadre de la récente rétrospective de Francesc Ruiz au CA2M Madrid, curatée par Anna Colin

23 x 32
263 p.
offset couleur, broché, jaquette poster, 600 ex

30 €


Journal de 8 pages imprimé en quadrichromie, 30,90 x 40 cm ; format plié 30,90 x 20 cm
Tiré à 400 exemplaires.

Journal paru à l’occasion de l’exposition « No Words, 3 Walls, 3D Porn » de Francesc Ruiz à la galerie Florrence Loewy, 15 octobre – 18 décembre 2016

Captures éditions
30,90 x 40 cm
8 p.

15 €