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Martin Parr

The Last resort – photographs of New Brighton

This first colour publication by Parr is described by some as cruel and voyeuristic, and by others as a stunning satire on the state of Britain. It established him as one of the Europe’s most influential and admired photographers and contributed to the development of a new colour documentary photography in the UK.

23,5 x 30 cm
40 p.

From our house to your house

Célébration de la carte de Noël américaine à partir des propres collections de Martin Parr.

17,5 x 17,5 cm

20 €

Common sense

From kitschy to grotesque, this book documents modern consumerist culture. These vivid and often lurid photographs are both funny and sad, taking a forensic look at everyday items. A smorgasbord of over-the-top visuals, highlighting everything from tacky clothes and jewellery to different kinds of junk food.

21,3 x 30,3 cm

British food

This is an appetising catalogue published by Agnès B’s Galerie du Jour in conjunction with a 1995 exhibition of Martin Parr’s saturated images of British cuisine. Close-up, ring flashed images of everyday food from all parts of Britain invites the public to take a look at what they eat. This project kick started Parr’s fascination with food as a way to explore social issues and identity.

25 x 18 cm