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Micah Lexier

autobiography 8

Autobiography by Micah Lexier is apparently just a blank pages book, but it is not. Each page is pierced, and at the back is printed the same colophon. That’s because you can rip off every page of it and fix it everywhere. Micah Lexier identifies the holes as one of the main themes of his practice.

Autobiography is a series by Tonini Editore, published monthly. Each volume is dedicated to an artist, who is free to carry out the topic of the autobiography by means of text or visual supports. Belonging to a series, each book has the same size and maximum amount of pages (64). The selection of the artists participating to the series is coordinated by a scientific committee made up of six renown personalities in the world of the art research and collection: Pedro Barbosa (collector and founder of the Coleção Moraes – Barbosa), Alex Bacon (art historian), Claudio Guenzani (gallery owner in Milan, owner of the Studio Guenzani), Michele Lombardelli (artist, composer, typographer and consultant for several publishing houses), Shwetal Ashvin Patel (writer and researcher, founding member of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale), Christoph Schifferli (collector and scholar), and Valentino Tonini (director of the homonymous publishing house).

12 x 17 cm
64 p.
impression n&b, broché

20 €

Leporello N°02

A number of years ago Micah Lexier purchased a small paperback publication about the game of dominoes. The very end of the book consisted of a series of pages that reproduced a complete set of twenty-eight domino tiles. The images were printed on right-hand pages, four to a page, while the left-hand pages were blank. The idea was that you were supposed to cut these images out of the book and glue them to empty matchboxes to create your own do-it-yourself set. That sequence of pages, combined with the quality of their reproductions, was the inspiration for Lexier’s leporello. To that, he added two favourite print techniques – perforations and die-cut holes – to create a set of ten domino tiles. Lexier chose the denomination of each tile and its order in the leporello so that none of the thirty-four die-cut holes line up with each other, allowing each hole to be misread as a printed white domino dot.

14,8 × 19,1 × 2,3 cm
Offset CMJN, leporello, 250 ex.

32 €