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Shawna Dempsey & Lori Millan

Field Guide to North America: Flora, Fauna & Survival Skills

Do you believe that heterosexuality defies the laws of nature? Agree that the fragile lesbian ecosystem demands protection and stewardship? Want to achieve a fuller, more rewarding experience in the lesbian wilds? If you’ve answered « yes  » to these three simple questions, then you’re likely a candidate for membership in the Lesbian National Parks and Services. Which means you could soon be enjoying a fun-filled future of education, research and recruitment as a Lesbian Ranger. So how do you get started? How do you learn to identify, observe and protect all Sapphic life forms in their natural environment? How do you develop the skills you need to probe the ins and outs of lesbian wildlife? Or gain the confidence to recruit new members and share with them the pleasures of taking to the bush with gay abandon? Start with the Lesbian National Parks and Services Field Guide to North America.

19 x 12,5 cm
271 p.

40 €