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Simon Barney

Screen Fade

This artist’s edition documents the production of a series of paintings by Simon Barney. A tactile object hand-made from the finest papers, materials and printing. It features a traditional format text section with torn fore edges wedged between contrasting art pages. Written by Barney, the texts are playful and reflective and can be read alongside the paintings. The larger format pages are in two sections: an extensive selection of working drawings and a set of seventeen paintings reproduced in colour.

Simon Barney is a painter exhibiting at Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney. Simon Barney was also the curator of the long running exhibition project Briefcase (in which the exhibition was carted around town by Barney in a briefcase). Exhibitions include: How Things Fall Silvershot, Melbourne 2008; Rimbaud/Rambo Neon Parc, Melbourne 2008; Situation Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 2005; Hospitality Foxy Productions, New York 2001.

Barney says: ‘In these paintings of discarded technology, the incidental arrangement on the street provided an impetus or suggestion for an arrangement on the canvas. The ‘screen fade’ of the title refers directly to the depicted screens that have lost their internal light and, more importantly, to an eroding of a kind of ‘screen realism’ that governs our representations. The paintings draw away from the glowing screens that attract us like moths. They draw away from that system of recording reflected light – the camera – by which we capture and make familiar the things around us.

‘Where technology avowedly pulls us towards knowledge, art leans toward the light of unknowing. Paint – the intermediary here – provides, in its flow and deposit, a construction governed more by sympathy than coherence. The scene is deferred, slowed, still coming into view.’

Screen Fade is signed and numbered by the artist in a limited edition of 250 copies.

19,6 × 24 cm
116 p.
Relié toile
Texte de Simon Barney. Edition de 250 numérotés et signés.

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